October 1, 2021


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Absolutely obsessed with clients like Allison. Her ideas may sound like a LOT at first but the execution is phenomenal. She inquired with me saying she wanted a Kardashian inspired photoshoot with her friends to celebrate her 25th birthday. This is how it went.

The original inspiration:

The final look:

I mean… did we nail it or did we nail it?! Not only was the shoot a success but it was also a great girl’s weekend! They booked these… almost modern townhomes near Disney for the weekend and it looked like a blast. They all got dressed and glammed for the shoot that night and killed it! Allison got all the fabric from a craft store and they put it up in one of the bedrooms to create the look. The cream colors with black dresses and Allison’s full-on glam dress all went so well together. It was all just perfect!!

Yo, High Noon and White Claw…. sponsorship or nah?

This whole outside area was so on brand😍 I got a peak of the sunset glow outside and was like, “Okay let’s take a break from inside and go out and shoot out there for a minute!”


Forever wishing my girl gang was like Allison’s. What a fun way to celebrate your 25th! I hope you enjoyed some of my favs from this Kardashian Inspired Photoshoot!

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