May 27, 2020

A Downtown Tampa Senior Session | Emma

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Emma will be a senior this coming school year in Indiana! We travelled to Downtown Tampa for her Senior pictures!

Emma and her family moved to Florida from Indiana when she was younger, they stayed for a few years and we all became family friends! Previously I’ve taken their family photos and Emma’s older brother Harry’s senior photos and now it is her turn!

She has asked for prayer requests every Sunday on her Instagram for as long as I can remember, is wicked good at playing soccer and laughs at most of my jokes 😏 So I like her. She’s a friend of my sisters and truly is one of the kindest women I’ve met. Emma is the type of girl I hope my future son will be with one day… Genuine, kind, serving heart, smart and SHE IS BEAUTIFUL!

Here are a few of my favorites from Emma’s Downtown Tampa Senior session!

We started right in front of the Oxford Exchange in Downtown Tampa! It is SUCH a pretty building. We weren’t 100% sure why, but when we were taking pictures here, so many cars honked as they went by. Is that just something that happens on often on this street??

This park in Downtown Tampa is so beautiful! I could spend every day here. It’s super open and on the water. Perfect spot for some photos!

One of my favs! Emma, you’re so beautiful!!

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