July 21, 2020

Full Day of Eating to Lose 80lbs

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hey friends!! so if you didn’t know… i have lost 80lbs+!

i just made a whole youtube video showing you a typical day of eating and in the description are a bunch of helpful links to get you started if you want to lose some fat too! i started losing weight when i was 275lbs and today i weighed in at 192.7lbs!!!! i’ve still got a ways to go but am so proud of myself for doing this SUSTAINABLY while still eating my favorite foods like pizza and ice cream every once in a while 🙂

SOMETHING I WANT TO MAKE VERY CLEAR: your weight does not effect your overall happiness. i am just as happy now as i was at 275lbs. this is something people get VERY WRONG. “you look so much happier now! yay!” no, sis. if you think being skinnier automatically makes you happier, reevaluate. being social + happy was a big reason i got so heavy in the first place! going out to eat with friends, nights in ordering take out, it racked up FAST. your weight doesn’t determine if you are happy or not 🙂


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