July 12, 2020

How to Use a Blog Post to Reach Target Audience

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Hello fellow photog! So you may have stumbled upon this blog post for multiple reasons. Maybe you just created your new website (congrats!) or your blog isn’t getting as much attention as you’d like it to. Well I’m here to give you a few quick tips on how to write and promote your blog to reach your target audience whether it’s for a recent client, a future client or to teach a photographer about a certain subject.


Let’s say you’re writing to a photographer about what program or programs you use for editing. Put yourself in their perspective. First and foremost, every learner wants to make sure their teacher is credible. How do you appeal to their ethos? How do you show your credibility? Also show your personality in your writing! The blog comes to life when the reader reads the text in your voice.


First show before and after photos of a past session so the reader sees your editing style and what you edited on the photo. If the blog post is for a photographer, they want visuals! Second, share how using the programs has helped with your editing flow compared to what it was before. Most photographers switch from Photoshop to Lightroom because, I think we can all agree, Lightroom is the bomb.com! Explain how much easier it is and again, use visuals! Possibly even include an on-screen video showing how you edit step by step. Emojis/Emoticons help to lighten up the mood too. See a smile have a smile 🙂


Is it easy to find your blog? You can write the most spectacular post but no one will find it if you don’t advertise it! You most likely choose to use Instagram as your main source of marketing and branding yourself. Take. Advantage. Of. Instagram. Share an image from  a past session along with a caption that includes the link to your post. Or you can copy the link into your Instagram bio and tell your followers to “Click the link in my bio” for easier access. It’s that simple!

There you have it. My three easy ways to boost the audience and interaction on your blog! 🙂 I hope this helps spark something new in you and I hope it benefits your website. I love to collaborate with other creatives so leave your website below and I’ll check our your blog!


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