October 10, 2019

Jessica Marie | The Heavy WP | Winter Park, FL

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Yesterday I had the privilege of meeting with Jessica, an Orlando/Indiana based blogger/photographer. We both attend Celebration church and she happened to put in a Connect Card saying she wanted to find a friend/mentor in the blogging/ photography space. My friend, Kristina happens to be on the team that reads those cards and she got us connected!

She’s moving back to Indiana at the end of the month so before she left, I had to introduce her to The Heavy WP😍 We had great conversations about business, editing, each other and everything in between while sipping some delish coffee. From the very beginning, I’ve always been about Community over Competition since diving into the photography industry almost 9 years ago. Just because you help someone else’s light shine a bit brighter, that doesn’t diminish yours. We’ve all got something to learn from each other and I’m super blessed to call Jess a new friend because of it. Enjoy some of my favs from our afternoon together at The Heavy!

A Rising Tide Lifts All Boats❤️

Thanks for taking a few pictures of me, Jessica! That was so sweet!


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