February 29, 2020

A Downtown Tampa Engagement |Kelly + Kayla

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Kelly and Kayla have a similar story to Ryan and I’s – they met while working together at Publix!

Kelly is a Deli manager and Kayla is a cake decorator there. They get engaged this past Christmas and it was SO sweet! Kayla and I have known each other since middle school so we of course have each other as Facebook friends. As I was scrolling the day after Christmas, a video from Kayla popped up on the timeline and it was a video of her reading a card and then Kelly proposed to her!

Oh my goodness, while watching, I was FREAKING out for her! Watching Kelly wait until she was done reading a sweet note in the car from him and he gets down on one knee 😭 They are such a sweet couple. Ryan and I had an awesome time with them at their engagement session in downtown Tampa. From seeing the Oxford Exchange for the first time, to renting scooters to get us to the next few spots, it was a lot of fun.

Here are some of my favorites from their Downtown Tampa engagement session!

Kayla, you’re going to be a GORGEOUS bride in July!! 😍

Now it’s scooter time! Parking in Tampa is a little bit of a nightmare so we scootered around downtown to get to other spots 😆

Ooooo OW OW! Love this shot🖤

Her diamond is so beautiful. Kelly did a great job🖤

The fact that I’ve been to Downtown Tampa countless times and have never been to the Oxford Exchange 🤦🏻‍♀️ This place is so beautiful!! Can’t wait to actually go inside one day.

Casual slow dances in the middle of the street… It’s fine. They’re SO CUTE!

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