May 21, 2020

Modern Boho Bathroom Makeover

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omg so excited about this! if you’ve followed me for long enough, you know i am a self-proclaimed interior designer and love redecorating.

i spent a lot of time at my family’s house during quarantine and thought, “why not remodel kaci’s entire bathroom??” i mean, i had the time … and … it was time. the old bathroom was beach-themed and so not cute. blue and orange walls with paint chips in it, a RED ballon curtain on the window, a pink shower curtain… LITERALLY NOTHING MATCHED. i knew exactly what to do with it, got my parents’ permission and got started!

the entire diy modern boho bathroom makeover is on my youtube and i hope you absolutely love it!

parts of the bathroom i love the most:

the shelves!! floating shelves make me feel some type of way and i love their color

the grass i took from a local park that fits the modern boho aesthetic perfectly

the painting i did myself of the single-line face! i found it on pinterest as a tattoo and loved the design. what do you think about it?

the open cabinets! i was a little scared to take off the cabinet doors but once they were off, i knew it was the right decision. open concepts always look so much better. love it!!

parts of the bathroom i hated doing:

painting. UGHHHH painting seems like a good idea at first then it gets annoying pretty quick. multiple coats had to be layered on, especially to cover up the blue and i was over it. i did watch hannah montana the entire time though 🙂

the shelves. annoying AF. i don’t have a power drill ( i have a girly drill kit from target and it doesn’t cut it)

the towel bar and ring. they look amazing but come with cheap plastic anchors. just thinking about it makes me angry lol.

links to love

+ paint

+ plant

+ towel bar

+ towel ring

+ medium storage baskets

+ 22oz glass jars with wooden lid

+ acrylic drawer organizer

+ bath mats

+ basket near toilet

+ white towels

+ black hand towels

+ shower curtain

+ wooden floating shelves

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tell me what you think below of the modern boho bathroom makeover!!


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