January 6, 2020

Our Christmas 2019

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Ahhh one of my favorite posts of the year…

Christmas really is my favorite time of year with the colder weather, decorations, lights, seeing family. I love it all! This was Ryan and I’s 5th Christmas together and it means so much that he loves spending Christmas with my family. My family typically hosts Christmas every other year or we go to Georgia/ Virginia to see more family. This year, we travelled to GA after opening presents and having monkey bread Christmas morning!

First, we stopped at my aunt TT’s and Uncle Michael’s newly-owned farmhouse in south Georgia and spent the night with them and our cousins Shaina, Savannah and Bella. After spending the night with them + Grandma and singing karaoke, we drove a few hours north to Roswell, GA to visit our Uncle Greg, Katie and the boys! Papa Gene and Carolyn were there too. We don’t get to see Uncle Greg and the boys very often so the time we spend with them is a lot of fun.

Ryan loves Daisy… She gets so much attention when he’s visiting💛

A Christmas morning tradition is making monkey bread!

Please take a minute to notice Daisy in this photo 😆

Daisy always gets a gift to unwrap and she did pretty well this year! She knew exactly what to do and even knew which gift was hers the night before.

I was REALLY excited to finally give my sister, Kaci her gift. I’ve been a fan of Cody Ko since Vine days and now that he’s a Youtuber collaborating with his BFF, Noel Miller, they started going on tour across the states! After showing Kaci one of their videos (the funniest one… Matty Smokes. Go check it out 😆) she has been obsessed with them too! Tickets sold out in minutes for their last tour and I didn’t get my hands on a set… This time, I went on the site as soon as I could to get tickets for her and me and I got ’em! 3rd row at their show in April and we couldn’t be more excited. I’m stoked to spend a couple days with her in a couple months when she stays in Orlando with me💛

Ryan got my mom a beautiful Kendra Scott necklace and I got her the matching bracelet. She LOVED it!

My dad LOVES Blanton’s Whiskey. It’s very exclusive and it’s basically impossible to find at any liquor store because they fly off the shelves whenever a shipment comes in. Ryan really wanted to get him a bottle for Christmas and got SO LUCKY to call a liquor store and they had 3 bottles! He was so surprised and happy to have gotten another bottle. Ryan is so sweet😘

This was Kaci’s gift to Garrett🙈 A very interesting wrapping job LOL

All Garrett asked for was an iPhone. He really wanted one and got it! To add, he definitely didn’t have any hope of getting one. He said he was wishful thinking and already prepared himself to not get one so he was super surprised. Welcome to the Apple Fam, G. You’ll never go back.

Every Christmas, we all get “The Best Gift You’ll Get All Year”. AKA anything UCF – themed. Since I graduated in Aug 2019, I finally got an official frame for my diploma and that was my UCF gift. I LOVE IT!!

Since Ryan joined us for Christmas traveling this year, we took my car or else there wouldn’t be enough room for all 6 of us in mom’s car. We had fun jammin’ to our favorite music. Also fun fact about me… I have to drive everywhere. Motion sickness is alive and well with me and I can’t be a passenger or else I get sick. It’s awful 😢

My aunt and her family are hardly ever together in one place anymore. Shaina lives in New York and Bella + Savannah live in Jacksonville for college. When they’re all together, I aways offer to update their family photos.

Shaina took a few pics of Ryan and me even though I look awful lol. No makeup game for Christmas! I wanted to be comfortable! But I really LOVE the picture of us on the right. Genuine laughs 😇

Shaina bought this Christmas tree outfit for the gift-passer-outter to wear 🤣 Such a funny idea!

Ryan and I stopped at the original Chick-Fil-A on the way to Roswell. We for sure need to go back one day and sit down to eat on the other side that has the restaurant and different menu.

Uncle Greg’s beautiful Husky, Alaska😍 She’s the perfect dog like Daisy.

Ryan and I went out one morning on a hike in a local park😊 And the morning before that, we had ‘Christmas’ at the other house.

So thankful I snapped this photo of Papa and Carolyn💛

They wanted to fit in with the rest of the kids on their phone 😆

Ryan and I went to lunch at a local restaurant, Lucky’s. It was amazing!!

After a few days in Roswell, we stopped back at TT and Michael’s house for another night. We ate dinner at a local Mexican restaurant. Thanks for snapping this picture of Ryan and me at dinner, TT!

The next day was her birthday so Savannah, Shaina and I woke up at 6am to drive to town and get some birthday donuts for TT. She always did this for her girls so they wanted to do it for her!

That day, Ryan and I left to head home and we stopped in Tallahassee on the way. We’ve never been to our state capital so we explored + went to FSU’s campus! It was really beautiful.

And that’s all she wrote! I’m really loving documenting more personal times on my blog. I hope you’re enjoying following along as well. I hope you and your family had a Merry Christmas! Happy New Year!

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