October 29, 2019

Our Utah Summer Family Vacation

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Okay I’ll admit I’m slackin’ on blogging personal things from my life.

BUT I wanted to wait until after our Utah Family Vacation video was finally done and uploaded to YouTube before I made this post!

The fam and I go on a vacation every summer to somewhere new and this year we decided on Utah! Mom went there last year with her dad and sister and absolutely loved it. After all the stories she told us we wanted to all go ourselves and do what she did. We visited national parks, went to the Grand Canyon, went white water rafting (not as intense as we normally do), paddle boarding, roasted marshmallows outside our cabin for s’mores and stayed one day in downtown Salt Lake City.

Mom also got a GoPro before we left and it was SUCH a good decision! Once you get to the video at the end of this blog post, you’ll see it in action.

Let’s get started! I hope you enjoy the recap of our Utah summer family vacation.

This was one of the first parks we went to. None of us had cell service so the GPS was a no-go when we hopped in the car that morning… We ended up going the wrong way for quite a few miles🙈😆 We saw this body of water on the drive and decided to stop at it. No one was there!
Love my lil’ sibs❤️
Throwing rocks was basically all Garrett did while we were here!
This stick is now on the mantle above the fire place in my parent’s house. Dad really liked it and said, “We are taking this home! It’ll be the family stick.” Meanwhile the rest of us where like, “How is that coming home? We flew here.” He ended up checking it as an item so that it could go on the plane😆 I have to tell ya, seeing a stick come out the baggage claim next to all the luggage was hilarious. I wonder what people were thinking!
Finally we had gotten to the trail head we were trying to drive to in the first place. This was a mile long hike to a waterfall and half-way through was this old abandoned house! It was so cool. We went inside… not the smartest idea.
Coming back to the cabin after a long day to roast marshmallows for s’mores. If you aren’t having s’mores with Reese’s Cups like we do, you’re not doin’ it right.
The next day, we drove to a national park with a bunch of overlooking spots to stop at.
We have done white water rafting trips several times before and we got to pretty advanced rapids! This one however wasn’t much at all. After a while, Dad said to the guide, “Okay we’ve got the rafting part down. Where’s the white water?” 🤣
Grand Canyon pictures!
Zion was one of my favorite parts of the trip! I wish we had more time there to explore.
Every year for Kaci’s birthday, I do a photoshoot for her and this year we did it in Utah. We had some fun.
She turned 16!!!!
If you find yourself in Utah or wanting to go there, stay at Hoovers! They were such friendly people and helped out with so much. The bus will even take you up to mountain to go tubing!
I got a few headshots of my own 🙂
LOL had to include this because I was swinging my arms around and hit the fence with my knuckle 😆 Now here is the video as promised!❤️

Click here to watch Utah Summer Family Vacation video… It includes snippets of us playing Heads Up so you know you’ll laugh.

Also… did you see I graduated college just after one week coming back from this vacation! Check out that blog post by clicking here.


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