June 24, 2022


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When other photographers become friends >>> I got to create some magic with the dream team of McKenzie McNeil Photo and Jimmy Nugent Films at Buckhead Village in Atlanta, GA🫶🏼

McKenzie and I had been following each other for a while on Instagram and had yet to meet. One day, in the midst of packing to move from Orlando to Atlanta, she posted on her story that she was stressed but working through the move. I had just made some homemade chocolate chip cookies, DMed her asking if I could bring her some to give a little bit of relief and we finally met! In the parking lot of her apartment at like, 9pm😆 We ended up talking for HOURS that night! We immediately clicked because we’re both simply authentic people. It was like we had known each other for years.

Fast forward to January of 2022, I find myself in Atlanta and reach out to see if they want to shoot while I’m there. She mentioned Buckhead Village, I drove by and was like, “Yep, we have to shoot there!”

She and Jimmy are the perfect married couple. Every lid has its pot and they’ve found theirs. I really enjoyed getting to meet Jimmy and chat with them (in the freezing cold weather lol) that morning. Here are some of my favorites from their creative shoot!

Does it look like it’s freezing here? Because my Florida booty COULD NOT handle it. I was gloved up and all.

We had Buckhead Village all to ourselves since we got there so early in the morning. It was nice to have some free reign on going anywhere and shooting!

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