Choosing Vendors for your wedding is not a quick and easy process. I know you and your fiancé are unique and your story is unlike anyone else's. Let's connect and get to know each other to see if we are a good fit! I serve a unique bride who is comfortable being herself with her partner in front of the camera (it's okay if it takes a couple minutes!). Someone who is willing to be open about the story behind their relationship. After getting a chance to know more about you online, we'll determine if we're a perfect match and then on to the booking process!

Step One:
Let's Connect

The Process

Yay! I'm so so glad you have chosen me to tell your story through photo for your wedding day. I am ready to celebrate alongside you from now until the end of the wedding. Now it's time to secure your wedding date so you're one step closer to finishing your To-Do list. You'll be sent an online customized booking proposal where you can review the coverage you chose, sign the agreement and pay the retainer. It's all online. Now that everything is official, let's go onto the next step... the Engagement Photos!

Step Two:
Secure the Date

The Process

If you have chosen either Collection 2 or 3, you'll receive a FREE engagement session. Here is where we will start to plan out the session from your outfits to the locations. If you're a little camera shy at the beginning, no worries. Almost every review I've received has mentioned something about how I make my clients very comfortable in front of the camera! Afterwards, you'll be featured on the blog and you'll receive an online gallery of all the images where you can print, download and share with friends + family! 

Step Three:
Engagement Session

The Process

Once we've gotten closer to your wedding date and you've chosen all of your Vendors, let's get together and create a custom timeline to help make your day run smoothly. I'm a big advocate for plugging in time throughout the day to have nothing planned so you can soak in every moment being newlyweds + enjoy your friends and family! I'll make sure we have plenty of time for the basics while leaving room for creativity, freedom and pure emotion.

Step Four:
Custom Timeline

The Process

The day is finally here! It will truly be a blur so I make it a priority to get classic pictures every bride wants while making sure to get plenty of candids of guests. My favorite shot of the whole day will probably be the one right after you've left the ceremony with your partner and you're surrounded by friends and family and you look at each other like, "We did it! It's officially official... We're married!!" Best of all, you receive sneak peeks THAT NIGHT.

Step Five:
Wedding Day!

The Process

Within one month of your wedding, you'll receive online galleries with hundreds of photos. I encourage you to pick up your favorite drink, grab your partner and relive your wedding from start to finish. I love knowing which photos are your favorite so please show me which ones you two like best!

Step Six:
Gallery Delivery Day

The Process

Justine!! Where do I start... from the very beginning she made us feel like our story was important to her, and i still feel that way after our wedding has come and gone. We loved getting to know her, seeing her talent with us as the stars of the show, and most of all being her friend! That's right... working with Justine you not only get so many AMAZING and breathtaking photos, you get a true friend. Not only are they the best wedding photos I've ever seen, but she stands out from others by EDITING PHOTOS AT DINNER!! She edited photos for us while she sat down to eat, and displayed them at the dessert table! You cannot go wrong working with Justine. I was blown away. I am so glad we chose her to be a part of our day, I genuinely wouldn't have had it any other way.


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