February 8, 2020

My 5 MUST- HAVE apps for Instagram

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Let’s face it…

Instagram is not the easiest thing to keep up with. 


The ever-changing algorithm is enough to have us all wanting to pull our hair out. We’re struggling to crack the code. To find our message. To be authentic and motivational without having to share the tough spots of our lives. To look perfect in every photo. To post consistent content.

The whole thing is a lot to handle and sometimes I even want to be like, “I’m done. It’s all too much to keep up with.” But these apps I’m about to tell you about will help aide your IG game and bring it up to the next level.

These apps I use either on a daily basis or weekly basis. Can’t live without them. They are creative outlets for me as well to share more art on my profile. They make Instagram manageable and more fun!

According to Honeybook, 84% of my clients come from Instagram alone so it is important to have intention behind every word I say and every visual I post. With each of these 5 apps, I’ll let you know how and why I use it and why it’s helpful to attract clients!


App #1


Have you seen those hand-written quotes I post every once in a while? Well those are all written by me within this app I have on my iPad. I use my Apple Pencil that works well with the iPad for digital calligraphy. The app is easy to use and is pretty seamless. I take advantage of it by hand-writing things I can put on my IG feed! It’s another way to add a little piece of “me” into my feed!

App #2


This app is great for editing photos I’ll add to my story without having to go into Lightroom every time and edit them. VSCO is a great mobile editing platform with SEVERAL editing styles that could potentially suite your style! Obviously this shouldn’t be used for actual photographs, especially work for your clients, but it’s very accessible and easy for quick, on-the-go editing!

Add #3


This is one of the coolest photo layout apps I’ve ever used! I use the “Ripped Paper” version of layouts for some sneak peeks of shoots and add them to my story! Some of the better + more creative layouts are $0.99 or $1.99 but it’s worth it! Very creative way to show more than one picture on one display. You can also add text so it’s different from Instagram’s texts for stories.

App #4

Word Swag

Here is a great app for all things text! With this tool, you can choose from your photos or free photos the app gives you (A lot of options) and you create a customized text box on top! They’ve got really unique fonts and multiple versions of the same font to choose from! This is another great replacement for Instagram story texts. Makes it look more professional and planned out! Also great if you wanted to make an announcement on a photo you post to your account!

App #5


If you don’t have the latest iPhone with screen tracking, this FREE app is a great alternative to track how often you spend time on your phone. Don’t hate me for including this one! It’s truly shocking how often we open our phone and waste hours every day worried about what everyone else is doing. This app gives you reminders of your phone usage and really helps to set screen time boundaries. You can also upgrade inside the app to get more features like reminders for you to turn your phone off.


That’s it!

These are the main 5 apps I use several times a week to post on the ‘gram. I’m all about simplifying my work timeline and these really help do that + keep my content consistent, on brand and my style. Keep connecting with your followers each and every day and stay engaged! Show up for the people that haven chosen to follow you by telling your story and your client’s stories in better ways than Instagram’s basic methods.

Was this guide helpful to you? I’d love to know! Comment below or head over to my ‘gram and let me know what you’ve learned or if you have a question about how to keep things simplified in your workflow.

Cheering you on always!


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