December 9, 2019

Our Family Vacation to Austria!

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In case you don’t follow me on Instagram (which you really should be at this point ;)) my family and I had a vacation to Austria over Thanksgiving week!

Our dad goes there frequently for work-related meetings and such and this year he decided he’d fly all of us there to spend a week! Dad had flown there the week prior so my mom, sister, brother and myself flew to meet him in Vienna! I apologize in advance for how huge this blog post is but it was such a special trip for our family and I wanted it to be documented on the internet so we could go back to it! The fact that we got to have a vacation to Austria is still mind-blowing. I can’t believe how fast it came and went.

I get major flight anxiety so getting on 3 planes flying for 12+ hours just to get there was tough. Luckily, we mainly flew Delta and the Delta crew always reassure safety and having a private TV to watch a ton of awesome movies and shows was a plus. You know I watched Schitt’s Creek episodes that were available!

Now, instead of me telling the story here before all the images, I’ll tell it while you scroll. Enjoy!

P.S. Video of the trip coming soon!

First flight! TPA > Detroit
We reached Amsterdam after an 8 hour flight and wow we were TIRED.
The Amsterdam airport was super environmentally friendly and to charge your phone, you had to cycle! It was really cool!

These were in the Vienna airport! Mom always leading the way because we had to go through customs and such

We stayed in an apartment in downtown Vienna… basically everything was walking distance which was awesome! After walking downstairs, this was the main street. How beautiful??

The first night, we went grocery shopping at the local market (it was 3 stories!)

I mean.. Come on! These were on the main city street…. I LOVE.
Yohm… The restaurant we ate dinner out our first night!

This is the next morning! We went exploring and mom looks like a celebrity all day…

Austrians are HUGE about Christmas markets! I don’t even remember how many we visited while we were in town. It was insane. Local vendors sold food and goods in their own little booth… Basically like a farmer’s market!

We walked up that hill that was facing the castle behind us and had lunch there! The view of Vienna was amazing.

The view from inside the cafe on the hill!!
This chocolate dessert was bomb!

It took way too many tries to get these pictures and it was freezing outside.

That night we walked around a couple Christmas markets with one of Dad’s colleagues who lives in Vienna, Markus and his wife Vera.

Dinner with Markus and Vera! It was also the first time we had Wiener Schnitzel… Pretty good!
Hot chocolate sponsored our vacation haha!
Can you believe this? The photo on the right of the camera….. IS CHOCOLATE!
This is all chocolate too!!

The Christmas lights around town were my favorite… I wish my town did stuff like this everywhere!

This was the largest Christmas market in Vienna! It had tons of booths, ice skating trails and rinks, a Christmas light walkthrough… It was so beautiful.

The next night, we had dinner with another colleague and he took us to this awesome restaurant called Seven North… It was huge. Very modern and even had a private Pool room! Pool as in like Pool Table.

Bathroom selfie!

It was so sweet… a lot of restaurants that had outside seating would leave cozy blankets on EVERY chair!

This is that same main city street in the daylight.

Dad had to work during the day here so the rest of us explored the city and took the train. I recommended we go to see Belvedere Castle so we took the train there. We loved it!

These were the crosswalk signs. I thought they were a bit… interesting. What do you think?
Stephansplatz was where we stayed in Vienna!

There is a very large cathedral in the heart of downtown where we went on a tour of the Catacombs under the church and climbed 343 stairs of the South Tour for an amazing view of the city!

Belvedere Castle! And of course there was a Christmas market in the front!
This was a neat office building we saw walking back to the train station.
Pretty sure we had a lifetime’s worth of carbs on this trip. Bread was everywhere… especially croissants.

The next day it was time to leave to the next town!

The living room of our first apartment
These were all our suitcases when we left. Oh boy!
We were about to go on a 4 hour car ride so I decided to get comfortable haha

After spending a few days in Vienna, we then traveled 4 hours north to Obertauern, Austria.

We stayed in another apartment there in the mountains near a ski resort and it snowed every day we were there! These Florida kids were freaking out the whole time. To be completely honest, I set my alarm one morning so I wouldn’t miss it actually snowing… I’m so embarrassing LOL

This was the view from our penthouse apartment…. what is this life?? We are so blessed.

Spoiler alert…

After two ski school lessons we couldn’t ski…. Only dad could ski! We tried though…. It is just so hard!

Our bare snowman :’)

On our second to last day, we drove to Salzburg to end our vacation to Austria!

Kaci left a snowball in her pocket on the drive to Salzburg…. She totally forgot hahaha
These Nutella crepes were a slice of heaven… WOW.
The statues in Salzburg were thick boys! Hahaha
There was a Krampus area of this Christmas market… what?? Super creepy.

We had so much fun at this playground…. Way cooler than our playgrounds in the States for sure!

Lastly, this park at a zip line! We had SO MUCH FUN doing this! Even mom and dad had a turn on it.

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